English à la Carte was begun by Marie Max in 2012 for the sole purpose of teaching quality English with careful attention to pronunciation. Lessons are private and personalized and are of the classic level of English that can be spoken with complete confidence everywhere in the world.
For all levels from beginner to expert 

What is it like?


Imagine Marie is your maestro and you, as in a symphony orchestra have every possible sound inside you. Like an infant, you too have the ability to make any sound and you will make every English vowel and consonant sound perfectly.


Like babies who learn to speak English through repetition and correction, so will you. You will be able to produce all the English sounds with just the right stress and intonation.


Follow that with some fine tuning and before long, your English will be nothing less than par excellence when she will smile and say, "You sound  a- MAY - zing!"

Lessons are refreshingly lively and  generously peppered with humor.  

Motivation is strong! The learning bar is placed high, but, somehow with a smile, students naturally love to be put to the test.

The Private Classes

  • Available online to anywhere in the world.


  • Create your own schedule! Would you like a fixed schedule or a flexible one? You decide.


  • Want to jump start your English? Try an immersion or mini immersion.

​​Your private lessons are personalized to whatever your needs are like job or travel and are adapted to your strengths and weaknesses.

Confidence and spectacular results quickly follow; the sense of accomplishment. Pronunciation will take on a star quality, crisp and clear.

 English à la Carte avec Marie Max 
Boul. Rivard, Brossard, QC  J4X 1W6  
514.247.3339 |​ info@englishalacarte.ca


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