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English in the Conference Room

My patients understand me

 Business English at English a la Carte will teach you the specialized terminology, cool buzzwords, and all-important expressions for business including sales and understanding contracts, transactions especially real estate-related, tools and strategies for negotiation, marketing and then I will personalize it all to your business or profession. Terrific confidence booster! Get the inside advantage on business in English ! 

Job Interviews

In future, job interviews and yearly performance evaluations will be anticipated with positiveness and be replete with impressive vocabulary and appropriate expressions to talk to a future or current employer with complete self-confidence and personality. Moving up the ladder just became a lot easier!


Do you dread presentations, in Toronto, even worse? My students tell me this is probably the most dreaded of tasks. With a solid background as a public speaking coach, I will teach you the rhythm of English, where to put stress and even when to pause when presenting in English.


Every word in your presentation will be practiced with me for perfect pronunciation and you will come off as a polished professional every time.


English for Sales

 ...because, let's face it, selling anything is tough: real estate, insurance, your company's services, cars, or pharmaceuticals. If you only speak one language, it's even tougher ... be bilingual; it's a fact, English is the global language of business.

 English à la Carte avec Marie Max 
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