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I grew up in Quebec in a anglophone family in Farnham in the Eastern Townships always encircled by French Canadians. It all began then. We played in English, golfed in English, went to parties in English. In those days, the French kids I played with - Manon, Carole, and Ginette -  and the French adults always spoke to me in English so that's why it is easy for me to this day to identify the difficulties they experience when speaking English.


Today, I teach with material I have created which often makes reference to Quebec life and Quebec places. For my students, learning is easier, more familiar, and more fun.


Before now, I was in business in Quebec for more than 25 years. I successfully operated my own RE/MAX franchise so I saw the difference, first-hand, of how French Quebecers do business versus how English Quebecers do it. At English à la Carte in the business program, not only do I teach the specialized vocabulary, I talk about the secrets of how English people do business and tricks they can use to realize greater success.


The Marie Max Pronunciation Method is unique, simple, and produces rapid results. I teach students to be proud about how they sound. Confidence in life is a game-changer.


In two short weeks, word endings will be solid and clean pronounced with precision.


As a second language specialist, I am very proud to say, I achieve exceptional results with my students. 


How is your English?

I adore my English!

Students come from so many professions and backgrounds: business people, make up artists, lots of vacationers, real estate brokers, movie & television actors and personalities, key-note speakers, those seeking advancement, or facing that very scary interview in Toronto or Vancouver, New York shoppers and for some others ... just because.


Is learning to speak English on your bucket list?

 English à la Carte avec Marie Max 
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